Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exchanges

Turning Ambition Into Action

Turning Ambition into Action is what we do. We turn that ambition and potential into something tangible, valuable and impactful.
— Ben Jones | IEE Executive Director

IEE for Business

Business helps drive progress in our world. Become that positive change today.

Find out how IEE works with businesses to deliver competitive value to your business, while allowing your business to make an even greater community and global impact.

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IEE Exchange Programs

Programs designed to unlock your potential as a student. Combining an accelerator program with an international experience.

If you are looking for a world leading program to help you unlock your potential and allow to to change the world then IEE can help support you on that mission. We know you have the ambition and talent to do big things, you just need a spark - we’re that spark.

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IEE Clubs

IEE Clubs allow University and High School students to spread the message of IEE with their communities while also developing their own entrepreneurial skills, all with the help and backing of IEE. Start a Chapter at your University or High School today.

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Our Team

Discover more about the people guiding Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exchanges. It’s thanks to their hard work that we’re able to grow, thrive and prosper. Thanks to our team we’re helping young people turn their ambition into actions.

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Unlock the ambitious & global version of you

A four week program dedicated to solving big problems, developing in-demand skills and making new connections based in Canada and New Zealand



Don’t You Want a Better World?

Don’t you want to help us make a better world possible by unlocking the potential of students everywhere. Generous and forward thinking businesses and individuals are essential to helping us empower our students to transform the world.

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