Canada & New Zealand Exchange

connecting students 14 000 km apart



New Zealand known for it's ease of doing business, cultural diversity and stunning landscape is also a hotbed of innovation. 1 500 km away from the nearest major country New Zealand has developed a strong and unique identity. Auckland in particular is the business heart of New Zealand with companies both big and small headquartering their operations there.

Canada is known for it vast openness both physically and culturally, good governance, and their newly burgeoning tech centers across the country. Toronto in particular is home to more than one hundred AI startups and many are describing it as the Silicon Valley of the North. Toronto was also the only non-American city to be named on Amazon's shortlist of twenty cities for HQ2. 

Our trip connects both of these centers on a Unique one month program. Our trip will take eight students from each country (may be expanded based on demand) for an adventure like no other.

The first two weeks of the trip will be spent in Auckland, one advisor will fly with the participants to Auckland from Toronto.

While in Auckland participants will stay together in a rented house which will become their base while in Auckland. Each day participants will engage in new and exciting activities. One day they'll be working on their Grand Challenge (see info page for information).

Then the next day they'll be managing a charity pop-up shop for a day as part of a mini-challenge. 

One day students may hop between different companies, meeting interesting people at each before spending the afternoon at mini-conferences as speakers.

Afterwards both the Auckland and Toronto students come to Toronto together where they perform the same program format but with new challenges, new companies and new opportunities. 

We are still working on a full itinerary and we will make it available as soon as possible, in the meanwhile please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

This trip offers students an entirely unique opportunity to work with Canada/New Zealand students work with businesses in both countries, and make valuable international connections with people working on doing amazing things.

The cost for this trip is $7,495CAD, $8,595NZD. It is important to note that while expensive we offer significant bursary support, so that income isn't a barrier to our program. a family with average income will pay on average $2,000CAD/$2,250NZD for the trip, with trips being offered for students with family incomes below our threshold. The trip is also all inclusive (including flights, accommodation, food and more). If you want to apply but are worried about how to finance your trip please reach out and we can figure out how we can support you.

Just to be clear, we have financial aid available to those who need it, please contact us for information as well as advice for other ways to help fund your trip (money shouldn't be a barrier).

This covers the cost of twenty eight nights of accommodation (accommodation provided in both Auckland and Toronto). Round trip flights, two mini challenges, access to elite mentors, International Networking opportunities, transportation, attractions, and a lifetime of memories. 

Connecting Cultures Makes the world a better place. It brings us closer together and make a real impact on all of us.