Disclosure Policy

As set out within our articles of incorporation we will make all important documents publicly available, in order to promote transparency and fairness within the organization. This includes documents about executive compensation, documents relating to meeting minutes and documents relating to our budget and spending. We believe in making these documents public even though it is not legally required because we want to show our supporters what we're doing to ensure their support goes towards actually supporting our mission. If you have any questions about our disclosure policy or would like to access documents that you think should be made available please email contact@innovationexchanges.org 

How to access documents

Our publicly available documents are available via this link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/10PFInHNl0hZ-i9YUSGNW4bltrbd4LRd1?usp=sharing . Please note that since this will link you to a cloud based storage platform some systems may prevent access. In this case please email us (contact@innovationexchanges.org) and we can send you the documents you are looking for. 

The documents are stored in a variety of folders. Folder will be separated by theme, for example: 'financial', 'meeting minutes', 'compensation schemes', 'governing documents'. All available documents will be available within those folders. Please allow at least one month for documents to be updated. Please do not email for June documents until August 1st, unless your request is urgent (for a media piece). 

if you see any errors in the documents please report it to us as soon as possible by emailing contact@innovationexchanges.org 


Confidential information about volunteers, participants or staff will not be made publicly available. information that we cannot disclose for legal or ethical or privacy related reasons we will not disclose. We may also during times of major organizational transformation delay or withhold certain documents in order to maintain a degree of secrecy to allow for changes to happen. However we will never go beyond 3 months without making disclosures.