University Admission Consulting

University Admission Consulting

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Getting into Top Tier Universities is only becoming more difficult. not only to you have to compete with other talented domestic applicants you also have to compete with people from around the world, with marks no longer making a difference, you need an ally on your side to help win in this system.

IEE wants to help young people maximize their potential and if that means helping them get into the top university possible, then we are pleased to help. All our packages offer help from essays, and guidance to help you get into your dream school.

Our Package Options (All packages are valid for 12 months from date of purchase):


-2 hours one on one discussion and advising

-Editing for up to 5 Essays


-4 hours one on one discussion and advising

-1 Extracurricular Executive Position

-Editing of up to 10 Essays


- 15 hours one on one advising (from prospecting to final decision)

- 1 Extracurricular Executive Position

- Editing up to 25 Essays

-1 hour one on one time with students from schools you have been accepted to

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