Mini Challenges

developing the skills employers are looking for


21st Century Skills
Innovation Exchanges develops skills that can't be automated like resiliency and creativity.


Our mini-challenges are a unique way for participants to develop their "soft-skills" while also exposing them to a plethora of difficult real life situations in a short time span, giving them years of value in only 6 days (6 days of a 2 week trip will be mini-challenges). Challenges will be completed individually or in teams depending on the challenge. 

Some of our challenges include:

Pop-Up Shop:

At the beginning of the day participants are given a certain amount of products. They have the day to sell the products for whatever they can get for them. using whichever marketing and selling strategies they think will be most effective. All profits go to local charities. Highest earning team gets a special prize.

CEO for a Day:

Participants will be given a case outlining a business crisis. They'll get three hours to work on their solution. In the afternoon they'll meet with the "board of directors" (mentors) for a ten minute discussion. The "board" will then pick the top three to present to the "shareholder meeting" (other participants) and they'll vote on the best solution.


The purpose of the challenges, aside from being fast paced and exciting, is to help develop essential skills needed in our constantly evolving world. From being able to act quickly, to being able to present to an audience or sell, all these skills are vital no matter what field our participants chose to go into.

The mini-challenges help to accompany the "Grand  Challenge" by offering a fast paced and exciting atmosphere to keep energy levels high throughout the trip, while also developing skills not worked on through the Grand Challenge.

The mini-challenges also open up countless networking opportunities, as well as the chance to show decision makers your skills and attributes and make unique impressions.

Our mini-challenges are one-of-a kind and help set us apart from all other programs. We designed them for people who love constantly taking action and for those who want to develop better "soft-skills".