Exploration and Networking

making meaningful global connections 


No trip abroad is complete without making new friends, meeting new people, and seeing new sights. We want to take advantage of being abroad to capitalize on those opportunities.

During our two week program a minimum of 6 days are devoted to seeing new sights and meeting new people. Our mission to for every participant to make 5 new friends, 10 new connections and visit 20 new places.

We don't focus on traditional tourist attraction during the program. While we do spend at least one day to see the traditional tourist attractions, we spend the majority of our time doing more unique and meaningful touring.

For example in New Zealand we strive to teach our participants about Maori culture. In Canada we'll frequent regions most tourists never visit. 


Some of our exploration and networking events during the program: 

Breakfast/lunch/dinner with entrepreneur, innovator or decision maker is an opportunity that gives participants a chance to understand issues of most concern to those who are driving change.

Student Networking Days are days devoted to local students being able to interact with one another while also giving program participants a chance to network with a global student body. 

Company Tours is an experience in which students will visit an innovative company in the region they are visiting. They'll meet the decision makers at the company and learn more about how stuff happens in the "real world".

Our program is designed to give participants the most insight and value possible into the world, while allowing them to meet new and interesting people and see innovative things from across the globe. 


global is better
Having a global network is a huge advantage and creates countless opportunities in our interconnected world.