Our Advisory Board

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exchanges is built upon the strength of our team and those who support us. On behalf of our organization we want to thank the following individuals for their tireless contributions to our organizations and their ongoing dedication and support towards our mission.


Jeffrey Burnett

As a savvy Executive in growth, partnerships, strategic alliance, agency & brand strategy; his hands have dived into strategic opportunities & consulting globally. He has been entrenched in engagement channels since web1.0 working with International Agencies, Brands and start-ups. He has led innovations and transformational growth leading to share, footprint & acquisition. 

Jeffrey is the Canadian SVP of Partnerships with Acronym; Search Agency of the Year as well the largest independent search & digital Agency in The Americas. HQ’d in The Empire State Building with offices globally Acronym is the leading powerhouse that develops success with brands leading global markets winning across the digital & adtech landscape. 

It is his entrepreneurial passion that has allowed success across a variety of verticals. He has been a featured speaker @marketing & tech events coast to coast pinpointing today's marketplace availability to leverage AI, fly optimization and analytics where brands can capitalize . 

A keen Advisor; Jeffrey is involved with tech start-ups, emerging businesses and entrepreneur mentorship events globally.


Andrew Moss

A talent expert focused on maximizing the human potential of individuals and organizations pursuing positive social impact.

Andrew's current role is Master Management Innovation & Entrepreneurship (MMIE) Coach for Queen's University Smith School of Business. In this role, Andrew coaches 40+ entrepreneurs and corporate innovators on their year-long entrepreneurial projects. Andrew also delivers MMIE training sessions.

Most recently, Andrew was Ontario Director for Venture for Canada where he led a team of 5 to significantly expand the scale of social impact within Ontario. In this role, Andrew worked with 50+ startup ventures to grow employment opportunities for Venture for Canada participants by over 200%, led a redesign of recruitment, training and support systems to support growth from 60 to 150 participants, and provided coaching to 89 program participants.

Previously Andrew was Lead High Performance Advisor for the Canadian Sport Institute, providing high performance advice and $2 million in funding recommendations to support programs of 15+ Olympic sports. Andrew established baseline expertise in each sport and built rapport with leaders and experts, sport science practitioners, and National funding partners.

Prior to his high performance advisor role, Andrew was National Director of Operations for Swimming Canada. Over 8 years, Andrew led a team of 5 in collaboration with Provincial & National stakeholders, to develop and implement a 3-tier competency-based coaching education system, a new community club development program, and a new online membership and results platform with 45,000+ members and 2.2 million results per season.

Andrew's professional career started with 15 years as a full-time swimming coach. Andrew progressed from roles in Club programs to University Head Coach and High Performance Coach at Swimming Canada's National Training Centre.

Andrew's entrepreneurial DNA is rooted in early experience in a family-owned business in Kingston, ON.


Ben Jones

I have a passion for embarking on major projects and solving big problems. In the past, I've been involved in building a Radio powered by radio waves, Nano-antenna Technology. I am an Alumna of the TKS program in Toronto and I'm currently a student at the University of Western Ontario.

Most recently I've been working on a variety of projects. I run a small Education & Consulting Firm based in Toronto working with an International Clientele working on ways to develop and grow their businesses while navigating a complex and constantly evolving Global Business Landscape & helping to develop business and personal development programs for a variety of clients.

I'm an avid speaker and educator and I like to share these talents both on a freelance basis and through my work as Executive Director of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exchanges project. This project was built to help connect high achieving ambitious youth with their international counterpart to solve pressing global issues. I believe this project will help unlock the fullest of potential within young people, and help change and improve the world for the better for decades to come.


Myron Moskalyk

Myron is a Health Sciences student at McMaster University. Part of his passion for medicine comes from a desire to be able to help others. While still in high school Myron launched a volunteering group dedicated to musical therapy for hospital patients, the differently abled, and retirement residents. This pursuit not only unlocked happiness for hospital patients but also gave the students in the program an opportunity to highlight their musical talents, and showcased Myron’s unique talents in helping to turn Ambition into Action among young people.

An ardent speaker and a teacher, Myron also works as a lifesaving teacher and music instructor. His love for teaching is present in all his pursuits. Most recently, as VP of Operations for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exchanges project, he works to bring together talented and ambitious youth to tackle issues on the international level.