Sponsor Hub

Welcome to the Sponsor Hub. This is our hub containing a wealth of information about the ways to partner with Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exchanges. Sponsor Services is dedicated to making your experience as rewarding as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact them if you have any questions about working with IEE.

Contained on this page are a variety of resources, and a wealth of information to help provide information about: Who we are What we do, Our Mission/Vision, How we Partner with Business, Common Questions and Concerns, as well as our marketing materials, and links to our organizational financial disclosures (we make them public) and logistically planning documents.


Our Pitch Presentation

See the best of what value we can provide to your organization. If you are looking for a quick introductory glance into what we, as an organization are able to offer, this presentation (5-8min read) will cover all of the main points. It will cover how we partner with business, what our program is and how we use our funds. The presentation download is a pdf, if there are any download issue or other technical issues please email us and we’d be happy to help you get a copy.

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FAQs and an Intro to IEE

There are numerous frequent questions and inquiries that we encounter as an organization. These range from logistical details about our program, questions regarding our budgets and expenses items, questions about why we do what we do and most importantly what value we offer. While certainly not an exhaustive list, with this list we hope to be able to offer more insight into some of the initial questions you may be wondering about.


Our Financial information

We want all of our sponsors and supporters to understand our financial position, projections and our expenses. We as an organization have a variety of costs ranging from administrative costs, remuneration costs, travel expenses, programming costs and more. We make public documentation about our current expenses as well as future trip budgets and other related information. Take a look here to discover our current financial disclosures.