Making a difference

"world changing, in a good way."


1. built for the 21st century


Our World today is changing at an accelerating pace. Our institutions have been slow to adapt to these exponential changes and we haven't created enough people with the skills needed to thrive in our evolving global landscape.

The Innovation Exchanges program is built for the 21st Century. The Challenges get students thinking about the forces shaping their future, from using a Quantum Proof Blockchain to make digital voting secure, or leveraging Gene Editing to design more Resilient Crops to feed 10 billion people. The program is focused around exposing students to the forces that will continue to shape our future.

The Global nature of the program also helps give students a competitive advantage.  Just like technology the rate of globalization is only accelerating. Being able to make connections abroad while young is an invaluable asset. 

Our trips are built so students can meet the people with whom they will build companies, with whom they will discover technologies, and the people with who they will change the world. We wanted the program to be global because in a planet of 7.5 billion people, it's impossible to change the world if you never travel beyond your home and expand your horizons. 

That's what our program is about: It's about developing highly marketable 21st century skills in students through helping them learn about technology and form meaningful life long connections.  

“The illiterate of the 21st century [...] but those who can't learn and unlearn.”

— Alvin Toffler


2. who we help


Innovation Exchanges was founded not only to benefit the young people who travel with us, it was also designed to help the organizations we work with on our trips. We work closely with the organizations who sponsor and support our trips to make sure that we're able to add value to them as well as our participants. Businesses just like people are struggling to cope in the midst of exponential change in virtually every field.

When designing our challenges and mini challenges we reach out to business to collect their input on the biggest challenges they're facing. We focus on making sure the ideas and solutions created by our participants are actually useful and actionable for the organizations that support us. 

The other benefit to our program comes through the connections young people are able to make with international leaders in their fields. The saying goes "Your network is your net worth" our program gives young people access to an unrivaled network. At the same time business leaders are able to find excellent young talent for their organizations. 

Our participants have in demand skills, from being able to code Neural Nets, or being able to code an Internal Blockchain for your Organization, or even finding someone with incredible business acumen to help solve your next business crisis.

At Innovation Exchanges, we believe the only way that we can add real value for students is if we're also offering value for the organizations that support us.


3. changing the world for the better


At the end of the day, all of our motives and actions at Innovation Exchanges are underpinned by one idea. We want to make the world a better place. We want to advance humanity by bringing together the greatest minds. We want to bridge gaps by immersing youth in the cultures and values of international communities. 

We truly believe that at Innovation Exchanges, we are playing a major part in helping to make the world a better place. We facilitate connections that would have never otherwise occurred. We inspire students to do things they never would have thought possible. And we unleash the potential of the world's young people to make change possible. 

Our goal is to have our participants go on to create their own projects and ventures that change the world. We want them to do things more amazing than anyone has ever done before. Often. all that it takes to unleash the potential of someone is telling them that they can do it, and telling them that their dream is possible.

We're also able to pick students who we know will go on to change the world. Our programs are not simply about who has the ability to pay but are instead about the ability to contribute. Innovation Exchanges is about gaining the insights,  experiences and connections needed to change the world.